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Friday, February 18, 2005

things 4 free

So I am completely consumed by the idea of getting stuff for free. I would fall into the category of technophile, though I don't have the resources to back that up. I can't get my wife to put our money where my techno-dreams are.

There is a new wave of e-companies that are basically advertising whores. They get a list of companies that make money from subscriptions (BMG, Columbia House, etc), and say, "Ok, for every new subscription we bring you, you give us X amount of dollars." They in turn pass this amount (say 1/10 X) on to us the subscriber in the form of a bulk purchased electronic item...after we have forced Y amount of friends (where y = 1/10X) to join on our behalf.

This setup is a dream/nightmare for someone like me. The possibility of being able to scheme a way of getting a new piece of electronic equipment (read "crack" or "highly addictive drug") with minimal effort and a little coercion of those close to me. Dream come true. Nightmare because it is all consuming, like a drug habit. (Think Pedro the Lion's "Fix")

I end up frantically checking for progress on these sites, hoping against hope. Oh well, it keeps me from running to the corner to score an ipod where my local Best Buy (read "drug dealer") would sell me a fix...and say, "I'll see you here tomorrow."

With that in are the referral links to those awful sites.
20 GB Ipod -
40 GB Photo Ipod -
1GB Ipod Shuffle -
14" IBook -
Another 20 GB Ipod -


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