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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Parenting gone to the dogs.

Now that I have posted my obsession (things 4 free), my passion (writing really good fiction, ok so it's not that good), and my firstborn (he loved that cake), I'm left with few ideas.

Plus I just read Sam's blog (, and somehow, somewhere deep inside I know that my life will never be as compelling as his. Maybe that is a former Canadian turned trapped MidWesterner doing what both Canadians and MidWesterners do best, longing for something bigger, better. "Wouldn't that be awesome to live in (insert favorite exotic locale here)... we would have so much fun." When in reality I might live in Seattle right now instead of Muncie, I never go out anyway.

It's funny how boring parenting makes you. JoAnna and I always talked about when we were (just) dog owners that we were boring because we became "those" dog owners that only tell their friends about all the funny things that the dogs did. Even though we promised we never would.

Now we have a son. Things get worse.

The dog is still there...good ole' Max. But it's a surprise to him if he gets more attention than Lucas (the son) laughing at him.

Now we've moved on from telling our friends about the funny things the dog did...and move into telling each other the funny/cute things the son did today. We eliminated the middle man and report directly to each other.

So, true to form. Here's the cute/funny things the kid does.

When we give him a bottle of milk, he opens and closes his hand in a mock udder sqeezing manner (sign language for milk, I guess), which he picked up in about 30 seconds. When a train goes by our house, and I do mean by our house, he hears the horn/whistle and goes, "hoo-hoo." Boy, did our house sound like a looney bin trying to teach him that for a week. He now waves, and says "Hi" with brain-drippingly cute inflection. I get to see him wave bye more often though...It's all wrist twisting, no fingers...hilarious.


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