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Monday, March 07, 2005

Springtime Frisbee Fun.

Finally. A warm day.
It was the first spring-ish weather to my knowledge this year. I have been inside so much I'm not completely sure I'm correct here.

Anyway, it was finally warm enough to attempt Frisbee golf for the first time this year. Magee, Brandon, and I went to Brookside Park in Indy for our first round.

The wind was definitely a factor. We saw discs sort of hover in the air, like they were trying to decide which way to get blown. Several times, our discs traveled negative distances.

Magee dropped a putt in from about 15 feet; definitely the shot of the day...Though heavily aided by the wind. That shot sort of overshadowed a lackluster performance (such as missing a couple of 3 Ft putts).

I managed to not stretch or warm up in any fashion, which certainly aided me pulling a muscle in my abs on the 3rd hole.

All in all it was nice to be outside getting fresh air and exercise all while taunting some close friends about how they hit more trees than chains.


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