Life and Times of a Burned out Student

Monday, May 02, 2005

Graduation Day

Saturday, April 30th was the "big day." Finally.

The graduate counseling department had a "hooding ceremony" which was really more important/special than the actual graduation. It was a time for us to thank those important to us, and for the professors to say nice things about us.

The commencement ceremony was nice, a little bit less subdued than normal. If you've ever been to an IWU graduation, you expect a quiet, respectful ceremony. This was not so much the case. Those graduates that proceeded across the stage and did NOT receive raucous applause, cheering, shouting, etc were the minority. It was a little unnerving.

Anyway, I figure this blog needs to be retired since it was all about being a burned out student...I AM THAT NO LONGER.
I will create a new blog at for further blogging...maybe that will be my Hawaii blog.


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