Life and Times of a Burned out Student

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

final paper

Ok, I graduate on Saturday and I already have a job lined up for after graduation (see previous post), and yet I have absolutely no motivation to complete my 10-12 page research paper that is due tomorrow morning.

I say complete, but the more accurate phrasing here would be START...

I have less than 23 hours to turn a title page and reference page into 12 pages of gripping, page-turning action on the topic of career counseling in schools.

All semester long (I've known about this assignment for 3 and a half months) I've been waiting for that surge of adrenaline (you know the one that happens when you think, "Oh Shit! That assignment is due...) but it still has not happened.

I worry that my 8am Wed morning deadline will have come and gone long before the "Oh Shit!" moment occurs.

I should get back to not writing this paper.


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