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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ever blogged "on" procrastination?

Have you ever noticed how procrastination makes everything else more interesting?

Right now I could be knocking out another page (ok, first page) of this paper, and instead I'm writing about how procrastination is like a drug.

I remember those guys in high school who thought everything was better high. "Dude do you like big macs?" Yeah. "Have you ever had a big mac...on weed?"

That is procrastination. "Have you ever thumbed through a magazine you've read before." Yeah. "Dude, have you ever thumbed through a magazine you've read before...on procrastination?"

The vivid colors, the gripping insights you've missed so many times before, it's all so...not this paper.


Anonymous brandon said...

If you want the full experience, don't even give the paper another thought until about 2am tonight. The "Oh Shit!" moment will most definitely come by then, and if you're really lucky, you'll have sucessive "Oh Shits!" well into the early morning hours. Maybe your mind will even go "Oh Shit!" about the paper at the exact same moment that you say "Oh Shit!" about something else, like falling down some stairs. Then you would be in for a real treat, kind of like sneezing and hicupping at the same time, when it feels like your body is trying to turn itself inside-out. That is definitely a good time to whip out the old "Oh Shit!" And then just maybe.....Oh Shit! gotta go....

12:44 PM EST


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