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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

"SPRING BREAK!!!" Where did you go wrong?

I hear a jock, shirtless, tanned, and standing with a warm beer in his hand, crying somewhere. He's crying because this Tuesday he awoke realizing that Spring Break is over (actually it has been over for more than a week now, but he missed that week somewhere). This sad moment of realization makes me ask the question, "Spring break, where did you go wrong?"

Spring Break has become a week of excess. Watch MTV (if you can bear it) and see drunk college kids do stuff (I hope) they will regret when they watch the tape in five years.

I remember spring break, or march break for all fellow native Canucks, as a peaceful week, a calm week of reflection on weeks past. But even more importantly a time to refocus on the remaining half of semester; a moment to prepare for the finale to another academic year.

Maybe I don't remember that at all...


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