Life and Times of a Burned out Student

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

"SPRING BREAK!!!" Where did you go wrong?

I hear a jock, shirtless, tanned, and standing with a warm beer in his hand, crying somewhere. He's crying because this Tuesday he awoke realizing that Spring Break is over (actually it has been over for more than a week now, but he missed that week somewhere). This sad moment of realization makes me ask the question, "Spring break, where did you go wrong?"

Spring Break has become a week of excess. Watch MTV (if you can bear it) and see drunk college kids do stuff (I hope) they will regret when they watch the tape in five years.

I remember spring break, or march break for all fellow native Canucks, as a peaceful week, a calm week of reflection on weeks past. But even more importantly a time to refocus on the remaining half of semester; a moment to prepare for the finale to another academic year.

Maybe I don't remember that at all...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Poker 3/19/05

The second in our monthly poker game is this Saturday, the 19th. Come one, come all. Bring $5 +$2 for snacks and we're ready to go. We need 4 to play, the more the merrier. (that word looks like terrier)

email me at if you are coming.

Disc Golf Daily

I want to play disc golf it too late to consider a career change? Considering that I haven't actually started a career, I guess not.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Oh No! March.

While driving to school today I'm blinded by the sun...better than not being able to see through snow, I guess, but it was frustrating nonetheless. I pull on to SR 28, and get up to speed...or I think that I do because I can't see my speedometer. Thankfully, the cop was kind enough to inform me just how fast I was going. He didn't seem to be bothered by the he was impervious, some kind of sunglassed superhero. It's funny though. I couldn't pick him out of a lineup of cops, I would be looking for the blue-ish figure shrouded in yellow majesty.

Another thing. Though I am thankful this ticket didn't take an hour to was almost as though he had the ticket written previous to our encounter. Like the person he just pulled over talked his/her way out of the ticket and he was just driving around until he found someone just brushing up against 70mph that he could give a ticket to.

I think I feel better. At least until I get home and tell JoAnna that her ticket from last week now has a twin. It's definitely time for a new car or a new city.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Springtime Frisbee Fun.

Finally. A warm day.
It was the first spring-ish weather to my knowledge this year. I have been inside so much I'm not completely sure I'm correct here.

Anyway, it was finally warm enough to attempt Frisbee golf for the first time this year. Magee, Brandon, and I went to Brookside Park in Indy for our first round.

The wind was definitely a factor. We saw discs sort of hover in the air, like they were trying to decide which way to get blown. Several times, our discs traveled negative distances.

Magee dropped a putt in from about 15 feet; definitely the shot of the day...Though heavily aided by the wind. That shot sort of overshadowed a lackluster performance (such as missing a couple of 3 Ft putts).

I managed to not stretch or warm up in any fashion, which certainly aided me pulling a muscle in my abs on the 3rd hole.

All in all it was nice to be outside getting fresh air and exercise all while taunting some close friends about how they hit more trees than chains.